5 tips to create insightful real estate dashboards

Create an insightful real estate dashboard with these 5 tips

At Spotzi we have a large number of real estate data sets. To turn this data into clear insights is quite a complex process. We believe that visualizing this data on the map is a great way to make this process easier. This allows you to see thousands of property records at a glance. The Spotzi Mapbuilder offers tools like filters and graphs to directly turn your data into clear insights. No wonder that lots of companies have discovered Spotzi to make their real estate analysis easier.

Our location data specialists are turning real estate data into maps every day. That’s why we asked them some PRO tips you can use when you want to create maps/dashboards with our Spotzi Insights Plan for Real Estate.


1. Use a map share with filter menu

If you want to visualize multiple housing characteristics like housing value and construction year, please use our map share with a filter menu. This functionality allows you to quickly switch between map layers.

5 tips to create insightful real estate dashboards

2. Analyze properties within a certain radius

Want to visualize only the properties within a certain radius? Use the GIS App and our Filter App to only visualize the properties within that area.

5 tips to create insightful real estate dashboards

3. Ready-to-use real estate dashboards

Do you want to analyze real estate developments without the hassle of building a dashboard yourself? Our data specialists are happy to help you out with a ready-to-use real estate dashboard. Let us handle the technical part and data management so you can focus on analyzing new developments. Read this use case for more information.

5 tips to create insightful real estate dashboards

4. Receive updates with our webservice

Do you always want to be updated with the latest real estate developments? Get a subscription to our real estate database and receive all the daily real estate updates via our Webservice.

5 tips to create insightful real estate dashboards

5. Analyze more than just real estate data

Go further than just analyzing the real estate market in a certain area. Spotzi also offers data with demographicsdisposable income and consumer behavior to give you more information about the people who live in these properties.

5 tips to create insightful real estate dashboards

Get the whole package with Mapbuilder, Data and Apps

Our real estate package gives you everything you need to get the most out of our real estate data. This complete set gives you the latest real estate data, but also all the greatest tools to get started with your analysis.