1. Use our URL creator

Don’t spend too many hours to create your Webservice request. In the Spotzi Webservice app we have a very easy step-by-step URL creator which will help you to automatically build the right Webservice URL for your application.

2. Connect more data to postal code areas or addresses

Got a postal code map? A lot of our data sets are segmented by postal code area which makes it much easier to enrich your postal code boundaries with many more characteristics like demographics, real estate data and consumer spending data. Use one of these data sets in combination with our Join App and create insightful data for your Webservice.

3. Build an address API with our addresses database

Do you need an addresses API to validate addresses or to plot them on a map? In that case our address datasets in combination with our web service will definitely do the trick. Check out our address datasets and contact us about the possiblities.

4. Save time with our map shares and dashboards

Do you want to use the Spotzi Webservice to create a digital map for your website? Spotzi also offers Map Shares. A much simpler way to create a digital map of your data without you have to develop a digital map.

5. Be careful with renaming column headers

Try to keep the column names and the column types the same to prevent any errors with your Webservice.

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