Create an interactive map

An interactive map is a great way to activate your site visitors. Learn how to create astounding maps with these 5 tips in this blog.


1. Add a color based on your data

Use the right color palette depending on the data you want to show. When you want to show different categories on the map we advise you to use contrasting colors. For a specific range, we advise you to use different shades of the same color or pick one of our pre-defined color palettes. Read our article about map styling for more information.

2. Add labels, but don't overdo it

Set label overlap to false to keep your map clear. Did you want to add a label to your map? Especially with a lot of objects there are so many labels on the map that it loses its insightfulness. Set your label overlap to false. Don’t worry. Your labels will be visible when you zoom in on the map.

3. Add icons for your branding

Use icons to characterize points on the map. Do you want to plot many locations on the map then it might come in handy to use different icons? A great example of using map icons is the Supermarkets map on our Dutch real estate website Woonspotter.

4. Activate your website visitors with filters

Add filters to your maps. Filters are a great way to increase the interactivity of your maps and allow your users to create. With Spotzi Map Shares you are able to add filter legends to your map that allows your user to create their own filters.

5. Add graphs/tables for more information

Add graphs to your maps. Graphs and charts allow you to show more data every time a specific map feature is clicked. The Spotzi Graph App gives you the possibility to add graphs and charts, but also a description to inform your user about your map.

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