Perform the best geospatial analysis

At Spotzi, we are always helping out companies with their location analytics. In this article, we collected the best tips to perform the geospatial analysis


1. Analyze data within a radius

Companies are always trying to analyze the customers within a certain radius of their business location. Create and select locations within a certain buffer by combining the GIS app with the Filter app. The GIS app enables you to set a buffer and the Filter app allows you to select only the locations within that buffer.

2. Find locations within a postal code area

Do you want to create a buffer based on a certain postal code area? No problem. The GIS app also allows you to create a buffer on a layer. This helps you to clip your data.

3. Map out locations within a certain drive time

Combine your business locations with the DriveTime App and analyze travelling times of your employees or estimate delivery times for logistic planning.

4. Add graphs/tables to visualize developments

Got historical data that you want to visualize on a map? In this case you might need graphs/tables to also see the data that is connected to a point or polygon.

5. Export data with SQL

Do you want to extract certain data based on a wide range of specifics? The Spotzi Mapbuilder also has an integrated SQL tools which allows you to export only the data that matches your query.

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