1. Think about what kind of map you want to create

Do you want to turn your data into points on the map or do you want to add your data to areas on the map? Every solution needs a different approach. Remember that you need the Spotzi Geocoder to turn addresses into points on the map and you need the Join App and postal code boundaries to add your data to areas on the map.

2. Make your Excel geocode-ready

To make sure the Spotzi Geocoder can process your CSV/Excel well, please create a file where you give as much information as possible. The more information you give the better the Spotzi Geocoder will determine the right location.

3. Check for hidden rows or special characters

Always check your CSV/Excel before importing it into the Spotzi Mapbuilder. Check if your file contains any hidden rows or special characters that might cause errors when geocoding. This article shows the most common errors when importing a file.

4. Consider using our address database

Do you have a file with more than 10,000 locations that you want to plot on the map? In that case you might want to consider one of our addresses data sets.

5. Connect points to arease with spatial join

Did you already turn your Excel file into a map with points, but do you want a map with areas? In that case, you might need a spatial join. This functionality connects the information of points to the areas it intersects with.

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