Help - Add an excel file to the mapbuilder

Add an Excel file to the Mapbuilder

With the Spotzi Mapbuilder it is easy to upload your own Excel data. Before you can start with uploading your data it is important that the Excel file meets the necessary conditions.

These conditions are as follows:

  • An Excel file can only consist of a single tab sheet. The Spotzi Mapbuilder is not compatible with excel files that encompasses multiple tabs.
  • The Excel file must be organized in a table like way. An example is shown below. It is possible to have cells without any value.
Create maps from data - Wrong Excel File
Create maps from data - Good Excel File

When you are working with addresses make sure that the address is split into the following components per column:

  • Postal code
  • House number
  • House number extension
  • Street name
  • City name

When the Excel conditions are met, you can upload the data. The data can be uploaded via the ‘My data’ part in the Mapbuilder. My data can be found on the left side of the Mapbuilder.

Create maps from data - Create Dataset

When clicked on the ‘Create dataset +’ button the upload menu opens up. To upload your (excel) file choose the ‘From a file’ option.

Create maps from data - Create Dataset from a File

Click ‘Next Step’ to continue the import process. In the next window you can give your table the desired name. here you can click the ‘File’ button and navigate to your file or drag and drop your file onto the ‘File’ button.

Create maps from data - Upload a Dataset

Click ‘Import’ to go to the final step of the import process. When your excel file holds any geometry (geospatial information) data your import process will begin immediately.

When there is no geometry data, the Mapbuilder gives you 3 options

  1. Previous step
    This step brings your back to the file choosing option. Maybe you tried to upload the wrong file.
  2. Import only
    This will continue the import process. The file will be uploaded without any geometry. You can use this option to import data you want to join to some other data (postal code boundaries for example).
  3. Geocode
    This option us used to create geometry data based on address data. Make sure that your data is structured the correct way as explained in the geocode section.

Click the ‘Import only’ option to continue uploading your data. After completion, your data can be found in the ‘My data’ section of the Mapbuilder.

Did you know…
that files like geoJSON, shapefiles (.shp) and KML files already contain a geometry. These files don’t need any geocoding.

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