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How to map addresses from an Excel file?


This functionality is only available in Spotzi Studio.

The Spotzi Mapbuilder allows you want to plot addresses on a map from an Excel file. This can be achieved by geocoding your Excel file. After geocoding your Excel file with addresses our system will automatically plot them on a map in your Mapbuilder account. Plotting addresses on a map has never been this easy:

We will use the following table to geocode.

Description1 Description2 Street Number Zip_code City Country
Spotzi Office the Netherlands Veilingdreef 35 4614RX Bergen op Zoom The Netherlands
Spotzi Office Canada King Street West 125 M5V 3S5 Toronto Canada

Tip! Don’t use any special characters and numbers in the table header
Keep in mind that the use of special characters (%, #, @) and numbers in the table header might cause an error when you want to geocode a CSV/Excel. To make sure that geocoding works properly, please use text-only table headers.

Step-by-step guide

To geocode the data from the above example you have to follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account, go to My Maps and press CREATE MAP.

Create a Map from a CSV with Adresses

2. Click on GEOCODE MY DATA.

Create a Map from a CSV with Adresses

3. Name your map and table. Select your Excel/CSV file and click IMPORT to confirm.

Create a Map from a CSV with Adresses

4. You need to tell the Spotzi Geocoder which colums in your dataset refer to a specific location (e.g. a city name). Spotzi will prefill most columns, but you can choose other columns if necessary. Got multiple values in one column (like street and house number)? Select the same column for both location types. Press IMPORT.

Create a Map from a CSV with Adresses

The number of rows is limited
Keep in mind that for Spotzi Location accounts the number of Excel rows you can geocode is limited to 1,000. Spotzi Insights is limited to 10,000 and Spotzi Prime to 100,000. Do you want to geocode more rows, please contact us.

5. The Spotzi Geocoder is now analyzing your file. It tries to find as many locations as possible. The more information you provide in the previous steps the better it can handle your data. The progress bar that has appeared on the interface tells you how far the analysis has advanced. When finished, click OPEN MAP.

Create a Map from a CSV with Adresses

6. You have successfully created a map from your addresses. Now it is time to style your map the way you like.

Create a Map from a CSV with Adresses

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