Spotzi presents a spatial data platform for municipalities and civilians

Spotzi presents during Geo4Web A Usable Spatial Data Publication Platform to enhance the communication between Municipalities and Citizens In November 2015, Spotzi won a testbed of Geonovum, named “A Usable Spatial Data Publication Platform”.

A usable spatial data publication platform to enhance the communication between municipalities and citizens

In November 2015, Spotzi won a testbed of Geonovum, named “A Usable Spatial Data Publication Platform”. Geonovum is a Dutch governmental organization that is specialized in the standardization of public data and provides standards that are needed for this purpose. Geonovum started this testbed to increase the sharing of public data between municipalities and citizens. Something that has much similarities with the mission and vision of Spotzi.

The goal of this testbed was to make public spatial data better findable. Spotzi was assigned to create a platform, where both citizens and governments/municipalities can not only visualize the public data, but also edit the data in a controlled way, so governments and municipalities can maintain the quality of the public data. A completely new way of communication between citizens and municipalities with the help of a map.

On March 17, Spotzi presented their demo of the platform for municipalities, governments and GIS-professionals on the basis of two user cases, where a citizen could change the location of a bicycle stand and After 3 months of hard work, Spotzi created a very new platform that enables citizens to see what their municipality is planning to build in the public environment, but also enables citizens to make suggestions to adapt these plans. Spotzi is very proud of the final product. Where both functionality and usability was our key focus.

Here is a example of a user cases we have showed during the presentation:

A Completely New Way Of Communication Between Citizens And Municipalities With The Help Of A Map

The Open Spatial Data Platform that Spotzi created are the first steps of a more transparent way in which open spatial data is used/edited by governments, municipalities and citizens. However, there are still some challenges:

  • Challenge 1: The data and the usability of the tool should be as understandable as possible for both citizens and municipal / government.
  • Challenge 2: Retention of data quality if the citizen is going to interfere with the public data.
  • Challenge 3: Linking data.

These challenges need more input from the different industries. Do you want to know more about this testbed, do you want to join the discussion or are you a developer that want to take the development to another level.

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