Mapping a database with consumer data

CIG (Consumer Intelligence Group) is the founder of marketing platform IntelligentVIEW. This application offers a solution to gain more consumer insights per postal code area or admin level. They offer a wide variety of geographical data about e.g. demographics, income and consumer behaviour. When this data is combined with customer data IntelligentVIEW users can create a consumer profile of the people that are interested in their product. Furthermore CIG can also advise which media channels can be used to reach this particular consumer profile.

CIG has a lot of data and IntelligentVIEW offers a great solution to analyze this huge amount of data. However there was a need to visualize this data. With all their consumer data divided into geographical areas they needed an interactive map. That sounded much more simple than it actually was, because the map had to be fully integrated into IntelligentVIEW. This wasn’t the only issue. CIG also didn’t want to save their data on another server, because of privacy reasons. So how do you create a map with data that isn’t even on your server? For this particular matter Spotzi and CIG developed the perfect solution.

Mapping a Database

“Thanks to the power of the Spotzi Webservice we developed a map that intelligentVIEW users can use to filter out areas and directly request the CIG database from the Spotzi map.”

Two systems, fully integrated with each other

To make sure that customers can select an area on the map and directly request more information about that particular area from the CIG database it is very important that both systems are seamlessly integrated. We created a special visualization where users can control the Spotzi map via intelligentVIEW and vice versa. All within the blink of an eye so the user doesn’t notice that these are two completely separate systems.

With the help of Spotzi boundary data, interactive maps and webservice intelligentVIEW now has a fully functioning interactive map that visualizes the CIG database.

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