Mapbuilder V3.4.1

Mapbuilder V3.4.1

We just released update V3.4.1 of the Mapbuilder. This release contains some interesting changes. In particular the Map Shares.

This Mapbuilder update contains the following changes:

Map Shares

  • New map share option where users can share their map with various options
  • Manage map shares with the My Shares page
  • Restrict map shares with a login option or an active period
  • Preview Shares before creating them


  • Added Multipoint support
  • Reworked loading of maps
  • SQL option for the map filter

Visual Changes

  • Modals look a bit different now
  • Various fixes for responsiveness
  • My Maps now shows connected shares

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues where users had to re-login to see data after changing their password
  • Fixes for My Maps/My Data pages
  • Fixes for using Apps combined
  • Custom Icons fix
  • Language fixes in various places
  • Fix vat for company guest/register orders

Other changes

  • Redirect to the login page sooner, if page requires login
  • Automatically create shares that already existed
  • Overall code cleanup/refactor
  • Better support for large datasets