Building a mapping platform for dummies

Building a mapping platform for Dummies


Building a mapping platform for dummies. That is the challenge we at Spotzi have taken upon ourselves. There are some great products and tools out there. But they either aim at Mapping (GIS) Professionals or Developers. There is however a large group of people in need of geospatial data. They usually work at small and medium enterprises but have no time to join a Training or learn the development skills needed for some mapping tools out there. All great powerful tools with impressive functionalities but not suited for the average person.

In January this year (2016) we silently launched a Datashop and a basic map editor. This is the result of years of exploration, working with non GIS-clients and hard work. We learned that our clients need content to start with and easy tools to map their own data. Currently our main focus is offering Postal Code and Census Data. For the average GIS professional not really exciting datasets. However for many people out there hard to reach and very needed data.

We were proven to be right. Immediately after the launch of our datashop small and medium enterprises started mapping their own rich and intelligent business data at postal code or census level. Mapping campaigns, managing the location of trainers and exploring new areas for trampoline parks. These are just a few examples of clients who joined us the last months. However large companies like a Telecommunication company in Canada and a Real Estate website in the Netherlands use our tools. What do they have in common? The people working with Spotzi are no GIS professionals and have no development skills.

Today (9 May 2016) we have taken the simplicity of mapping again one step further. The geocoding of data will now automatically take place during the import of Excel sheets or CSV files. Geocoding will always have its challenges but it is a great step ahead in easily mapping your own location data.

As of now each month we will release interesting tools and data which will change the way we used to do mapping. Our road-map looks very interesting and we are kind of proud of the results. Therefore we will start shouting a little bit harder.  We are confident that Spotzi will start to appeal GIS and non-GIS professionals all over the world.