Add an Excel file to the Mapbuilder with addresses to geocode

Add an excel file to the Mapbuilder with addresses to geocode

When you have a file that contains address data, the Mapbuilder can add the geometry (or coordinates) to each address by geocoding. Besides the previous mentioned conditions the Excel file for geocoding needs some extra conditions. To correctly geocode addresses, your Excel file needs the following columns:

  • Postal code
  • House number
  • House number extension
  • Street name
  • City name

These columns are essential for a correct geocoding process. When one of the variables is missing, the Mapbuilder will not be able to correctly geocode the address. Remember that the more information you add to your data, the better the Mapbuilder will geocode your addresses.

Did you know…
When you give the columns the same name as used in the geocode progress, the system will automatically put the right columns in the right position.

Before you can start uploading your data it is important that the Excel file meets the necessary conditions.

These conditions are:

  • An Excel file can only have a single tab sheet. The Spotzi Mapbuilder is not compatible with Excel files that encompass multiple tabs.
  • The better your Excel file is set up, the better the geocode. An example is shown below.
Geocoding Addresses - Wrong File
Geocoding Addresses - Wrong File

When the Excel conditions are met, you can upload the data. The data can be uploaded via the ‘My data’ part in the Mapbuilder. My data can be found on the left side of the Mapbuilder.

Geocoding Addresses - Create a Dataset

When clicked on the ‘Create dataset +’ button the upload menu opens up. To upload your (Excel) file choose the ‘From a file’ option.

Geocoding Addresses - Geocode my Data

Click ‘Next Step’ to continue the import process. In the next window you can give your table the desired name. Here you can click the ‘File’ button and select your file. It is also possible to drag and drop your file into this upload screen.

Geocoding Addresses - Upload Data

Click ‘Import’ to go to the next step of the import process. This is the step where we assign the correct fields to the columns in our excel file. When you gave your columns an equal name as the fields the geocoder needs, it will automatically put them in the correct place. 

Always check this yourself!

Geocoding Addresses - Field Validation

When everything is filled in correctly, you can click ‘import’ to start the geocoding process. After uploading your dataset you can find it in the ‘My Data’ section.