Add data with our Spotzi data app

Add data with our Spotzi data app

Another easy method to add data and maps to the Mapbuilder is by using our Spotzi Data App. This application allows you to insert a specific sets from our data partners. This application is not a standard feature with our Mapbuilder.

To get started open the Spotzi Data app. This app can be found underneath the search bar. If you don’t have a map yet, you can create a map from scratch. To know how to do this, scroll down to the ‘create map’ section or click here.

Import Data from Data Catalogue - Spotzi Data App

When you open up the Spotzi Data app, you can narrow down your search results by selecting the following:

  • Selection of the source
  • Selection of the category
  • Selection of a sub-category

For example. When you select the Spotzi source, you can choose the category demographics. This will give you all the demographical information Spotzi has. When you want to narrow it down to just the number of males in an area, you can select the subcategory male population. This will give you all the information in regards to the male population in a dissemination area.

The Mapbuilder guides you through this process. First you can choose the source of the data. When this is chosen a second dropdown menu appears. This is the category drop down.

Import Data from Data Catalogue - Search Dataset Name

When you have chosen the correct category you will already get all results associated with that category. You can choose to scroll down the list or choose a sub-category to narrow down your results. You can also use the search bar above the drop down menu.

Import Data from Data Catalogue - Select Dataset

To select the data you want, just activate your selection with the toggle behind the data. You can choose multiple data categories within the result of your filtering.

Import Data from Data Catalogue - Enable Data Set

When you have selected all your data categories click next. When clicked, the Mapbuilder will give you an overview of all the data that you selected.

Import Data from Data Catalogue - Select Data

The final step is giving your project a name and your dataset will be created.

Import Data from Data Catalogue - Name Your Project