Add a legend to your map

Add a legend to your maps

Do you want to add a legend to your map to easily see which value a map feature contains? The Spotzi Mapbuilder allows you to add a legend in 3 simple steps.

1. Go to your map, select the layer you want to add the legend to and select EDIT LEGEND in the styling options.

Add a Legend to a Map

2. A menu will appear. Based on the styling that you have added to the layer the Spotzi Mapbuilder will automatically create a list containing all categories of your map and the corresponding color. Now you have the following options:

General settings

  • Legend Visibility: On/Off
  • Legend Title: Title Name, On/Off
Add a Legend to a Map

3. In the fields below the general settings the Spotzi Mapbuilder automatically adds a legend entry for each unique value and depicts the color that belongs to it. You have the possibility to:

  • Change the name of an entry
  • Change the color of an entry
  • Delete an entry

Got a value in your dataset that doesn’t show up in the legend? In that case you can add this value manually by pressing the ADD ANOTHER LEGEND ITEM button.

Add a Legend to a Map

4. Hover across the move buttons to change the order of the entries.

Add a Legend to a Map

5. Press APPLY to confirm.

Add a Legend to a Map

6. Great! You have added a legend to your map.

Add a Legend to a Map