Assignment 3: Edit your data

Assignment 3: Edit your data

This assignment will teach you how to upload your data. For this assignment you need the following:

  • Spotzi Mapbuilder account (My data)
  • Table ‘assignment_2_spotzi_offices’. This is the one you used in assigment 2.


Open the table ‘assignment_2_spotzi_offices’ in the Spotzi Mapbuilder. Your uploaded data should look like the following table in the image below. If not, you should import this file again.

After uploading the sample data successfully, your dataset should look like this:

Edit Dataset Data

We can see that this dataset shows the locations of the Dutch and Canadian Spotzi office, but if we take a closer look we can see that the name of the Canadian office is not complete. It only shows ‘Spotzi’ where ‘Spotzi Canada’ might be a more suitable name. Your next assignment is to change the name ‘Spotzi’ to ‘Spotzi Canada’ in the name field.