Change data type

Change data type

When you work with geospatial data and our Mapbuilder, you will encounter different terms and data types. It is important to understand what kind of data types are used in our Mapbuilder. The reason for this is that certain operations or styling options require a specific data type. The data types listed in table 1 are used in the ‘My Data’ section of the Mapbuilder.

Data Type Description
Number Data type that consists of numbers (0 – 9).
String Data type that consists of texts or characters (a – z) numbers can be stored as text as well.

Data type that shows a date (2020-03-01T15:36:18+01:00). This data consists of:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Timezone
Boolean Data type that may contain a TRUE or FALSE value.

Data type which tells the system how the feature has to be drawn on the map. This can contain the following options:

  • Polygon
  • Multi – polygon
  • Point
  • Line

When you upload a file or dataset, the Mapbuilder will automatically give each column a data type. The data type given to each column can be found underneath the title of the column.

Change Data Type - Data Types

If you need to change this type you can click on the caret symbol next to the title of the column. This will give you a dropdown menu. When you select the ‘Change data type…’ option it will give the different options that the Mapbuilder works with.

Change Data Type - Changing Data Types

Keep in mind! Postal code data as a string type field
The most common mistake is made with postal codes. In some cases postal code datasets have a string (text) type instead of a number. This type doesn’t allow you to create a range map styling based on postal codes.