Change your basemap

Change your Basemap

Each map you create contains a standard basemap. This is the Spotzi basemap. You can change this in the layer menu by clicking the basemap button in the bottom of the menu. 

Basemap Help - Change Basemap

You can choose between 10 different types of basemaps. Below you can find examples of every basemap.

Basemap Spotzi Basemap

Spotzi Street

Basemap Satellite

Spotzi Satellite

Basemap Toner

Spotzi Hybrid

Basemap Toner


Basemap Toner

Toner Background

Basemap Toner Hybrid

Toner Lines

Basemap Toner Lite

Toner Lite

Basemap Toner Hybrid

Toner Hybrid

Basemap Toner Terrain

Toner Terrain

Basemap Watercolor