DriveTime App

Calculate drivetimes with the Drivetime app

With the DriveTime app (Spotzi Enterprise Plan) you can plot drive time rings around your business location. This app allows you to create a drive time map which you can use to calculate the commuting time of employees or the transportation time between a distribution center and a store. Set your location, choose the drive times (max. 3) you want to plot on the map and the app will generate the drive time rings around your business location. Read the steps below for a step-by-step explanation of the app.

Drivetime App Step 1

Share your maps with graphs

The Graph App is an ideal solution if you want to share your maps with your colleagues, clients and fellow students. If you turn on the visibility of your graphs they will be added automatically to your shared map. Read our map sharing options for more information.

1. Open a map with business locations.

Drivetime App Step 1

2. Open the Drivetime App.

Drivetime App Step 2

3. Now select the travel times (in minutes/hours) you want to add to your map. You can add up to 3 time ranges.

Drivetime App Step 3

4. Select whether you want to add the drive times to an existing layer or if you want to create a new layer.

Drivetime App Step 4

5. Press NEXT STEP to confirm.

Drivetime App Step 5

6. Choose the starting location by clicking the map.

Drivetime App Step 6

7. Press SUBMIT LOCATION to confirm.

Drivetime App Step 7

8. Name your new map layer and press CREATE LAYER to start creating drive time rings on the map.

Drivetime App Step 8

9. You have successfully added the drive time zones to your location.

Drivetime App Step 9

Use custom colors in your travel time map

The Drivetime App will automatically generate drive time rings into predefined colors (yellow, orange, red). If you want to create your own styling for this map you have to change the category styling of this map. This is well-documented into our help center article about styling multiple layers. When opening the category styling, select the “time” column and define a color per time range.

10. Add some extra infowindows and a legend to make your map more insightful.

Drivetime App Step 10

PRO tip! Visualize the postal code areas within a certain drive time range.

Did you know that you are also able to only visualize postal code areas that are located within a certain drive time range? Just add a postal code dataset to your drive time map and use the Filter App to filter by your drive time layer. This feature allows you to only visualize the postal code areas within that drive time range.