Edit data on map

Edit data on map

With the Mapbuilder, we can easily edit data on the map like the offices we just created in the previous article. When we click a feature, a small information window pops up. This window (infowindows) can show all the information available of this particular feature.

Edit Data on Map - Edit Feature

This window can be used to quickly add information to a single feature. To do so we click the small table icon in the bottom of the window. When clicked an ‘Edit Feature’ window will slide open on the left side of the map.

Edit Data on Map - Edit Fields

This window shows every column and value that is associated with this specific feature. The window can be used to add values to existing columns, but this window can also be used to add or delete columns.

Please notice!

When you edit data on the map, the data will automatically be updated in your table as well. So when you delete a feature it will be deleted from your data set as well!