Fundamentals Video 2: Visualizing Geographical Data with Spotzi

Fundamentals Video 2: Visualizing Geographical Data with Spotzi

In this tutorial video we will cover the basics of working with the Spotzi Mapbuilder and explain to you how to upload your data in the Spotzi Mapbuilder. After this video you will exactly know how to upload your data to the mapbuilder. In this video we will provide information about the following subjects:

  • How to add a new dataset to the Spotzi Mapbuilder.
  • How to import some of the following geographical data formats like: shapefiles (.shp), geoJSON (.json), KML (.kml) or an Excel file with a geometry (.csv/.xlsx).
  • How you can create a map from your data and turn it into a data visualization.
  • How to edit your geographical data from our data view.

Step-by-step explanation

  1. First we select the ‘Create dataset’ underneath the search bar. This will open our upload menu.
  2. Next we are going to create a dataset from a file. The file that we are going to use contains a geometry, country name, the total number of houses, an area id and a name.
  3. We can easily navigate to the file by click the file button right here, or by dropping the file onto the file button.
  4. Lets give it a quick name and we are ready to start the import process.
  5. After a successful import, your dataset will be added to the My Data section.

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