Fundamentals Video 4: Map Styling Options

Fundamentals Video 4: Map Styling Options

In this fourth fundamentals tutorial video of the Spotzi Mapbuilder we will cover the the first basic map styles for your map in the Spotzi Mapbuilder. After this video you will exactly know how to style your map in the Mapbuilder based on text and numbers. This video will explain the following:

  • Creating a map with a single color for every area or point on the map.
  • Creating a map with a styling based on a specific range. This is a great way to create choropleth maps or, for example, postal code heat maps.
  • Creating a map based on a specific value. Great to create a sales territories map.

Map Styling Options

Simple Styling

Simple styling enables you to style every area on your map. This features enables you to choose between the following styling options:

  • Choosing fill color or pattern
  • Fill color
  • Fill opacity
  • Border color
  • Border width
  • Border opacity

Range Styling

The range category lets you style a map based on values in your data based on the amount of buckets and a quantification. The Mapbuilder will automatically create a number of groups that is styled to your liking. With this type of styling your can create a map with different color intensities, also knows as heat maps or choropleth maps.

Category Styling

The final option is the category styling. This enables you to style your map based on text values in your data. This is a great method for assigning sales managers to different areas and creating sales territory map.
After selecting a column the system will automatically detect the distinct values. You can choose to keep the colours that the Mapbuilder assigned to the values or choose your own.

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