Import Boundary Data to the Mapbuilder

Import boundary data

Geographical data files like Shapefiles or geoJSONs already contain a geometry. This makes it very easy to import those files into our Mapbuilder. Most shapefiles or geoJSONs contain data which enable you to create a map with ease in the Mapbuilder.

The data can be uploaded via the ‘My data’ part in the Mapbuilder. My data can be found on the left side of the Mapbuilder.

Import Boundary Data - Create Dataset

When clicked on the ‘Create dataset +’ button the upload menu opens up. To upload your file choose the ‘From a file’ option.

Import Boundary Data - Create Dataset from a File

Click ‘Next Step’ to continue the import process. In the next window you can give your table the desired name. here you can click the ‘File’ button and navigate to your file or drag and drop your file onto the ‘File’ button

Import Boundary Data - Upload Dataset

Click ‘Import’ to go to the final step of the import process. When your excel file holds any geometry (geospatial information) data your import process will begin immediately.