Import location data

Importing boundary data

There are lots of datasets around. Data can only be drawn on a map when the dataset has a geometry or has enough information to create a geometry. A geometry contains geographical values like a latitude and longitude. However when a dataset contains information like Country names, Addresses, Postal Codes and City names Spotzi can create a geometry out of this information.

Datasets like a GeoJSON, Shapefile (ZIP), KML a CSV/Excel File with a geometry column or a GPX file can be converted into a map within a few clicks. CSV or Excel files that only contain information about a location (like an address) but no geometry need to be geocoded with the Spotzi Geocoder.

With this little introduction we can distinguish 3 ways to import location data in the Spotzi Mapbuilder:

ZIP Code Boundary Data

What is a Geometry?

A geometry is information needed to create points, lines or polygons on a map. In case of a map layer with points your dataset needs a column with a latitude (Y) and a longitude (X). In case of a line or polygon your dataset needs a column with a geom (THE_GEOM). This is a string with coordinates which ultimately draws a line or a polygon. You can find an example of this string in our documentation about Adding a map with polygons.

Got a table without geometry? – No problem. In that case the Spotzi Geocoder can automatically add a geometry to your dataset while importing the data.

The Spotzi Geocoder

Do you have an address-list that you want to visualize on a digital map but don’t you have any coordinates (latitude/longitude values) attached to these addresses. No problem! Use the Spotzi Geocoder!

Geocoding Map

We offer Spotzi Enterprise users a free geocoder. This tool allows you to add any address-list (without coordinates) to your Mapbuilder account and the Spotzi Geocoder will automatically add a latitude and longitude to these locations. Also the Geocoder will return information about the quality of the geocoded data (good, medium, bad).

After this process a visualization will be made and added to your maps. You are also able to export this geocoded data to the following formats: CSV, XML, geoJSON, Shapefile.

Supported coordinate systems

Keep in mind that the Spotzi Mapbuilder only allows certain coordinate systems (projections). Other projections can be imported, but in that case the location will not be accurate. Read more about our supported coordinate systems.