Map layer options

Map layer options

Choose the active layer

The Spotzi Mapbuilder allows you to add multiple layers to your map. All map layers and their corresponding map layer options can be accessed in the console on the left hand side. If you have multiple layers, the green layer icon indicates which layer you are currently editing.

Choose Active Layer

Rename your layer

If you want to rename your layer, click on the title of your particular layer.

Rename Map Layer

Now a field will appear, in which you can type the new name. After changing the name, press SAVE.

Rename Map Layer

Edit layer visibility

In order to make a map layer invisible click the icon that resembles an eye. Your map layer will disappear.

Edit Layer Visibility

Delete layer

To delete a layer from your map press the button that resembles a bin. A pop up screen, in which you are asked if you want to delete the layer, will appear.

Delete Map Layer

Confirm by clicking the DELETE LAYER button.

Delete Map Layer

Keep in mind!

Deleting a layer from your map does not mean that you deleted the data permanently. It is still available in MY DATA and you can add it again or add it to a different map.