QGIS – Create and upload Map to Spotzi

How to create maps in QGIS?


You can create single or multilayers maps from QGIS and publish them into your Mapbuilder account. Currently the following styles are supported in QGIS:

  • Styles: Single symbol, categorized and graduated.
  • Simple fill.
  • Borders style: (solid line, no pen, dash line, dot line, dash dot line and dash dot dot line).
  • Simple lines.
  • Line and border join styles: (bevel, miter and round).
  • Line and border line width.
  • Simple markers: (fill, size, outline width).
  • Layer transparency.
  • Feature blending mode.

Tutorial: Create a Single layer Visualization

In the following example we are going to create a map using categorized styling.

Add Spotzi layer

  • Click “Add Spotzi Layer” from From Qgis
Add Spotzi Layer into QGIS
  • Select one of the layers from your Spotzi account. In our example we will select “Arable Land”
Add Spotzi Layer into QGIS
  • The Spotzi Plugin automatically downloads the dataset from our server and adds a new layer to your Qgis Project:
Spotzi Layer into QGIS


  • You can use QGIS to apply different types of symbology to the underlying data. In this tutorial, we will explore some basics of styling. Right click on the layer and choose ‘Properties’.
Create Maps in QGIS
  • The various styling options are located in the ‘Style’ tab of the Properties dialog.
Create Maps in QGIS
  • Click on the drop-down button inthe Style dialog, you will see there are four options available. Select Graduated. Select the column “year_2012” and the color ramp of your preference and press “Classify”. You can also change layer transparency:
Create Maps in QGIS
  • Click apply or ok. You will see different countries appearing in different colors according to the “year_2012” attribute.
Create Maps in QGIS

Publish map

  • From the Plugin select “Create New Map”
Create Maps in QGIS
  • Type the title for your map and click “Create”:
Create Maps in QGIS
  • You will see the message “Map Created” after publishing process is completed.
  • You will find the new map on your Spotzi account.