I am trying to import a csv/excel file and want to convert this csv excel to a map?

I am trying to import a CSV/Excel file and want to convert this CSV/Excel to a map?

Spotzi makes it possible to turn a CSV or Excel with location data into a map. When you import a CSV/Excel in the Spotzi Mapbuilder your file will be uploaded to our system. After uploading, the Spotzi Geocoder will try to add a geometry (latitude, longitude) to your data to make sure that your data can be turned into a map.

Geocoding a CSV or Excel

Keep in mind that the Spotzi Geocoder is searching for any CSV/Excel columns that give more information about a location. The more information your data contains the more accurate your points will be drawn on the map. During the geocoding process the Spotzi Geocoder will ask you for the following information:

  • Street
  • Housenumber
  • Housenumber Extension
  • ZIP Code
  • City
  • Municipality
  • Province
  • Country

If you want more information about uploading a location dataset, please read our User Guide about uploading location data.

Geocoding a CSV or Excel