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Webservice general information


The Spotzi webservice is a collection of services that allows the user to automatically request or update the datasets that are available in their Spotzi Mapbuilder Account. Once datasets are bought from the Spotzi Datashop or are imported through the Spotzi Mapbuilder they are immediately accessible by the Spotzi Webservice. The Spotzi Webservice allows you to automate your workflows and connect your Spotzi Account to other services.
There are four types of request that can be done with the Spotzi Webservice, namely:

Each of these requests are described in the corresponding articles in the Help Centre.
The Spotzi webservice is available for all premium and enterprise users by the Spotzi Webservice App.
This documentation shows the possibilities and restrictions of the Spotzi Webservice.

Base URL

A typical web service request is generally of the following form:

The parameters contain information about the dataset that is requested and about the request itself.
The parameters are explained below.


The parameters that are appended to the Base URL of the Spotzi Webservice consist of the parameter name followed by the parameter value. The different parameters are split by the & sign. A typical parameter if generally of the following form:


In the table below you will find an overview of the required parameters.

Parameter Name Parameter Description Example
q The request query that has to be executed SELECT * FROM tablename LIMIT 1
userName A valid username demouser
userKey A valid apikey 1973b5f4b6d0eda968092eecb8362d589ac9a496
format The desired response format
(see Response formats)

Response formats

The following response formats are available within the Spotzi Webservice.

Name Type HTTP content type
CSV File/text text/csv
JSON Text application/json
XML Text text/xml


A typical web service request with all parameters looks as follows:

You can find example for each of the possible request types in the corresponding article.

Please note that you will need a premium or enterprise account to be able to use the Spotzi Webservice.
Check our pricing page for more information about these account types.