What is a TOPOJSON?

What is a TOPOJSON file?

A TopoJSON file format is a format that encodes topology. TopoJSON is an extension of geoJSON. This format contains both geospatial data (arcs) and attribute data. In contrast to other GIS formats topoJSON uses arcs. Arcs are sequences of points, while line strings and polygons are defined as sequences of arcs. Each arc is defined only once, but can be referenced several times by different shapes, thus reducing redundancy and decreasing the file size. The topoJSON format is a format that is used by software like Microsoft PowerBI.

What software opens a TOPOJSON?

  • Microsoft Power BI

Using Spotzi boundary data in your Power BI software?
The Spotzi Datashop doesn’t deliver its boundary data into TOPOJSON format. That’s why you need to convert the data from the Spotzi Datashop to a TOPOJSON format. Read our documentation on how to import a shapefile into Microsoft Power BI.


A complete topoJSON dataset contains the following specifications when exporting from Spotzi:

What is a TOPOJSON?
  • The first part contains all the arcs and extra information for plotting the data on the map;
  • The second part includes more information about the geometry;
  • The last part includes more information about the attribute.

Associated filename extensions

  • .geojson
  • .topojson
  • .json