What is an XML?

What is an XML file?

An XML file, also known as a Extensible Markup Language, is a markup language that defines a set of rules. This format is made to be human-readable and machine-readable. That makes this format with a high usability across the internet. The XML format is often used for webservice data calls (API). AN XML is a good format language for just data purposes. For geographical purposes we recommend using a GML or a KML.


An complete XML dataset contains the following specifications when exporting from Spotzi:

What is an XML file?
  • The first part contains the information about the xml and the opening tags of the data that you are exporting;
  • The second part contains the geometry which contains the information to draw features on the map;
  • The third part contains the data attributes;
  • The last part includes the closing tags.

Associated filename extensions

  • .xml
  • .kml
  • .gml