Where to find Mapinfo data?

Where to find mapinfo data?

Spotzi offers a wide variety of thematic Mapinfo data in the Spotzi database. In this extentive database there are a lot of Mapinfo datasets that are suitable for Mapinfo Pro software*.

Mapinfo Data in the Spotzi Datashop

Spotzi has a wide range of data that is suitable for Mapinfo Professional users. These data sets give you great geographical insights and gives you the extra data you need to make interesting data analysis.

Take a look at some of our best-selling datasets:

* Supported Mapinfo Versions

Mapinfo Professional 8 (8.0, 8.5), Mapinfo Professional 9 (9.0, 9.5), Mapinfo Professional 10 (10.0, 10.5), Mapinfo Professional 11 (11.0, 11.5), Mapinfo Professional 12 (12.0, 12.5), Mapinfo Professional 15 (15.0, 15,2),  Mapinfo Professional 16 (16.0).