Where to find Mapinfo maps?

Where to find mapinfo maps?

Spotzi offers a wide variety of thematic Mapinfo maps in the Spotzi database. In this extensive database there are a lot of Mapinfo datasets that are suitable for Mapinfo Pro software*.

Mapinfo Thematic Maps in the Spotzi Datashop

Spotzi has a wide range of maps that are suitable for Mapinfo Professional software. These maps give you great geographical insights.

Take a look at some of our best-selling maps:

* Supported Mapinfo Versions

Mapinfo Professional 8 (8.0, 8.5), Mapinfo Professional 9 (9.0, 9.5), Mapinfo Professional 10 (10.0, 10.5), Mapinfo Professional 11 (11.0, 11.5), Mapinfo Professional 12 (12.0, 12.5), Mapinfo Professional 15 (15.0, 15,2),  Mapinfo Professional 16 (16.0).