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We designed the Datashop in such a way that it has become a fascinating world atlas. It is ideal to use at school, for research, or for personal interest. But Spotzi is more than beautifully designed maps. It shows you the current weather, snow depths, wind speeds, hotels, and more. Millions of students worldwide use Spotzi in the classroom.

Spotzi is a free platform where students and educators can create, share, and publish scientific, data-driven maps.

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Spotzi Maps: An Authentic Atlas

Spotzi is a genuine world atlas. It not only shows you street maps and high detail areal maps, it shows you the world in a unique and astonishing way. Furthermore, that’s just a starter! Spotzi goes beyond any political border and zooms in to any aspect of our planet. This has been made possible by extensive data resources at NASA and the World Bank.

Create Your Own Maps

Next to browsing through a wealth of information, you are able to start mapping the world yourself. Students can create a free account. Hundreds of pre-styled maps can be imported into a student’s dashboard. From there, you can adjust the colors and see for yourself how the story of a map changes.

Plot Research Data on a Map

Spotzi offers the tools you need to take your research data to the next level. Do you have research data with a location and do you want to plot this data on a map? Use the Spotzi Geocoder to plot these locations on the map. Or connect your data to ZIP code areas with our ZIP code data and the Join App.

Maps for Education


Spotzi has census data from multiple countries fully mapped out. Each census area has an extensive set of features available. We offer an extensive range of data to instantly select the right audience for your campaign.

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Our real-time weather maps are updated daily and provide a good insight into weather conditions around the world.

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Spotzi has mapped out all crime data by area. This is the ideal data to assess risks, and it is a valuable addition to the assessment of an object to be insured.

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Postal Codes

Spotzi has postal code boundary maps of more than 30 countries in its data store. Business owners can easily segment potential customers based on a postal code area and combine this with a dataset (for instance, our consumer styles dataset).

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High Quality Data

Our data analysts are always hard at work getting you data of the highest quality. This results in 100% verified and up-to-date information.

Instant Download

Most of our datasets are available to download immediately after payment. We even have some free maps that will load into your Mapbuilder account right away.

Free Mapbuilder

Simply order the data from the Datashop and it will be available in your own Mapbuilder account. From there you will be able to style the map the way you like and even plot your own data on it.

Map Apps

Expand your Mapbuilder with our selection of apps. From logo free use to calculating trade areas, we offer endless possibilities.