Locate your customers

We provide an in-depth analysis of a company’s market. Our location-based ZIP code data is often combined with our consumer styles dataset. This combination of mapped out data can provide you with interesting insights into your current and potential customers.

Our geomarketing solutions deliver answers to questions like:

  • Where can I find my target groups?
  • How can I best reach them?
  • Where can I best open my new store?

Discover new marketing opportunities with our solutions!

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Postal Code Boundaries

Our postal code boundaries help you plot your customers. Instantly find new opportunities with our high-quality boundary data. We have detailed postal code maps of over 50 countries.

The maps are updated on a regular basis by our professionals. We can also provide you with extra data at the postal code level such as income and age. Learn about your customers!

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Purchasing Power

Spotzi offers a broad range of data that provides insight into the purchasing behavior of potential customers.

This insightful data reveals the purchasing power potential for 17 food- and non-food product lines in more than 60 countries of the world. It is available at postal code level. For some countries, this data is even available at census level.

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Consumer Styles

The Spotzi Consumer Styles give you a better understanding of your existing client base. Also, it can help you find new prospects in areas with similar consumer types and minimize wasted advertising efforts. Your brochures, samples and mailings will generate a better response if you focus them in areas with high concentrations of your target group. Alternatively, you can target customers by postal codes online on Facebook and Google.

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Maps for Marketing


Spotzi has census data from multiple countries fully mapped out. Each census area has an extensive set of features available. We offer an extensive range of data to instantly select the right audience for your campaign.

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Purchasing Power

Unlock the potential of our purchasing power data of 17 food and non-food product lines. This is an ideal dataset for enriching your customer database or for mapping out new potential customers.

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Real Estate

Discover trends in housing prices and act at the right time. Buy or sell land or properties based on insights created with our data.

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Postal Codes

Spotzi has postal code boundary maps of more than 30 countries in its DataShop. For example, you can easily segment your potential customers based on a postal code area and combine this with our consumer styles dataset.

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High Quality Data

Our data analysts are always hard at work getting you data of the highest quality. This results in 100% verified and up-to-date information.

Instant Download

Most of our datasets are available to download immediately after payment. We even have some free maps that will load into your Mapbuilder account right away.

Free Mapbuilder

Simply order the data from the Datashop and it will be available in your own Mapbuilder account. From there you will be able to style the map the way you like and even plot your own data on it.

Map Apps

Expand your Mapbuilder with our selection of apps. From logo free use to calculating trade areas, we offer endless possibilities.