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Spotzi is ideal for mapping real estate. We offer interesting data (e.g. market price, year of construction, property type, etc.) that will help you analyze your real estate objects. Spotzi also has a large real estate database covering the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. It provides an easy way to leverage your real estate data on a bigger scale such as pre-movers.

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Real Estate

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Gain more insights into real estate

We have developed the real estate dashboard especially for property investors and property developers. For each private and commercial property object, among other things, the value and the initial yield can be requested. We also offer insight into the turnaround time and price per square meter of each neighborhood in the Netherlands. Our customers increase their turnover by at least 10% thanks to our dashboard.

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Intelligent tools

Mapbuilder Enterprise

Our Mapbuilder Enterprise subscription is part of our Real Estate Package. Every month we map out price developments per housing type per neighbourhood. It is also possible to request real estate price history of every neighbourhood. This information gives you more insight into new high-potential areas.

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Real Estate
Real Estate

Use Case

Dura Vermeer

Tracking housing price development is a complicated process, because real estate prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Up-to-date real estate data is therefore essential. In addition, you need tools to visualize and process data to interesting new insights. Dura Vermeer is a large real estate developer that was struggling with this complex data demand. A question that they have been able to solve with Spotzi data and dashboards.

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Dura Vermeer



Our data

Besides our real estate dashboard we also offer the possibility to order real estate data for your own Business Intelligence Tools.

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Track Real Estate Listings

Reach households before they move with our pre-mover database covering the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. Our pre-mover list helps you get in touch with households during a stage where they make crucial buying decisions.

Spotzi creates these lists by scraping social media and thousands of realtor websites. Choose from dozens of selections like market price, year of construction, and property type. We can also help segment the data by age, income, and geography.

Open Data Solutions

Our easy-to-use Mapbuilder helps you put your listings on a map. Divide your listings per category (price, type, stories, etc.) or easily add points of interest such as restaurants and schools. This helps buyers make their decisions.

Simply put a listing on a map or upload an Excel spreadsheet with addresses. Our intelligent geocoder can handle many types of data like CSVs and Excel spreadsheets. For professional use, you are able to connect to our webservice.

High Quality Data

Our data analysts are always hard at work getting you data of the highest quality. This results in 100% verified and up-to-date information.

Instant Download

All datasets from our Datashop are directly available after payment. Download the data in CSV, Shapefile, KML or geoJSON format.


Simply order the data from the Datashop and combine this with a Spotzi Mapbuilder account. With this tool you can style your map, perform location analytics or share your maps with customers and colleagues.

Map Apps

Expand your Mapbuilder with our selection of apps. Add advanced map filters or combine datasets with the Join App. We offer endless possibilities.