Connect Sensor data to Maps

A temperature meter, the data from your smartphone, a drone, or a satellite are some examples of sensors. All this data can be connected to our mapping tools.

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INGU Solutions
Quattro Expertise
Smart Cities

Are you monitoring your city? Connect your sensors to our API. Retrieve your data every second or at any other interval. Our powerful mapping tools visualize the output of your sensors on an easy-to-understand map.

Vibration Sensors

The Dutch company Quattro Expertise is monitoring vibrations around construction projects. Whether it is a road or a high-rise building, vibrations may damage the surrounding properties. By connecting their vibration sensors to our API, Quattro Expertise is able to show the results on a map and in charts, but it can also warn everybody involved in a project via SMS and e-mail.

Raster Data

Import your satellite data or other raster formats into our mapping platform and use the power of our tools. Show other layers on top of your data or analyze patterns.

Maps for Sensor Technology

Natural Hazards

Do you want to know whether your customers live in an area with a higher or lower risk of natural hazards? Spotzi has mapped out the natural hazards data.

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Our real-time weather maps are updated daily and provide insight into weather conditions around the world.

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Locate your customers or prospects and plot them on the map. In this way, you can create a geographical overview of your customers with our rooftop addresses (available in five countries).

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Postal Codes

Spotzi has postal code boundary maps of more than 30 countries in its data store. For instance, business owners can easily segment potential customers based on a postal code area and combine this with our consumer styles data.

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