Mapbuilder V3.6

Mapbuilder V3.6

New Features

  • Spotzi Dashboard share which allows a Menu Filter with multiple maps
  • New Create Map style & steps
  • Rich Feature Editor for editing feature data
  • Upload IMG, PDF and Video files
  • Added Duplicate Map as Export format

Bug Fixes

  • Fix logging and error handling when handling Import Mails.
  • Fix error in Order Details when account private but business invalid
  • Fix double CSS-editor bug
  • Fix overriding account options on a double session
  • Fix for guest orders
  • Fix/Refactor redirect from order handler, user is now redirected before handle_payment is called

Developments Frontend

  • Replace typeof something === ‘object’ with isObject(something)
  • Added options for Spotzi.Collection constructor
  • Refactor validation on multiple places
  • Checks are more central
  • Skip disabled fields
  • Allow dynamic error-texts
  • Add map_defaults.js and render_defaults.js
  • Refactor query-filters to insert a where-statement instead of making a sub-query
  • Rename inappropriate function names to what they actually do
  • Refactor MapController and loading maps
  • Add a Spotzi.Map.Collection to allow loading multiple map-jsons
  • Change default attribution in map view
  • Add a getString-funciton in Spotzi.Model which always returns a string
  • Date picker component to render date pickers
  • a feature now always has the layer when initialized
  • Deleted unused templates
  • Refactor get feature (use layer sql or not)
  • Infowindow values are now formatted and displayed according to spotzi rules
  • Start made for loading optional libs (js and css) when they are required for a view or functionality on the page that the user is currently viewing(to reduce initial loading timings)
  • Added functionality to add column(s) to a dataset via edit feature (this is only available when the layer has the default sql)
  • Added functionality to remove a column from a dataset via edit feature (this is only available when the layer has the default sql)
  • Lookup multiple columns are not allowed to be used for category styling and the filter app (more situations using columns need to be tested to determine if the lookup multiple columns are supported in that situation)
  • Added timepicker component
  • Added datetimepicker component
  • Datepicker uses getDate instead of val to prevent bugs with non English language values
  • Added a file overview modal (this can now be used for images, pdfs && videos)
  • Added a file upload modal (this can now be used for images, pdfs & videos)

Developments Backend

  • getParams now allows an array as parameter to filter params
  • Add endpoint to get products per category
  • Use PDO query-params instead of generating a query from input
  • Refactor Date-formats to be the same as their constant-name
  • Add a TEST_SHARE constant and a debug.php
  • Refactor SpotziMail to split emails by comma’s and insert emails multiple times
  • Added a Payment Pending status for waiting on payment updates
  • Alter folder permissions in logToFile to allow Group-editing
  • Refactor for get feature
  • Added endpoint to add or remove columns from a dataset
  • Added text normalize and sanitize functions

Other changes

  • Spotzi Dashboard Trial functions (setup).
  • Add package-lock.json to gitignore.
  • Add the npm-install command in Gulpfile.js.
  • Lower gulp delay to 500ms.
  • Add referer in Error Mails.
  • Add .gitattributes with option to convert CRLF -> LF.
  • Renamed some file-names to have Capitals.
  • Renamed _initjs files to _init.js.
  • Removed unnused mgalkin files.
  • Removed Made2Change edits.
  • Send all invoice mails to
  • Normalize VAT when user is updated.