Mapbuilder V3.7

Mapbuilder V3.7

New Features

  • Edit Share option in My Share
  • Woonspotter Taxatie
  • Taxatie Dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Mapbuilder in Internet Explorer
  • Fix Datashop Dollar prices
  • Various styling and language fixes


  • Added TableView & TableModel
  • Add formatting functions for euro, dollar, m2 and m3
  • Added a debounced-property in Spotzi.View for debouncing Class-methods
  • Added globals for detecting geometry-columns
  • Added a function to propose a valid table_name in MyData
  • Replaced shallow copies (extend) with deep copy where needed
  • Added a function to update the map when container size changes
  • Added functions to get bounds of a table or query
  • Add getObject function in Spotzi.Model
  • Refactor loadEnd to also end without timeout
  • Add option to create negative filters in createFilterPart