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The Spotzi MapBuilder allows users to create beautiful maps. But that’s not all: the MapBuilder also allows you to generate PDF reports from your maps. This feature enables businesses and students to share data with their colleagues/fellow students.

It is very straightforward to turn your data into beautiful PDF reports. Click the PDF Reporting button in the MapBuilder, pick the map layer you want to add to your report, pan the map to the desired extent and press the “Generate” button. Then your custom PDF report will be generated.

If you have a Spotzi Mapbuilder account, the free PDF reporting app is enabled by default. This free app allows you to create an unlimited number of PDF reports, but it has some restrictions such as limited customization options and a limited amount of data representation (limited number of rows). If you wish to create PDF reports with more customization functionalities, you will want to discover the benefits of the Premium PDF Reporting App.





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