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Spotzi offers you a way to find all points of interest within a certain radius and plot them on a map. With the Points of Interest (POI) App, you can instantly find POIs of any category or name within a specific range from the location you enter. This is convenient if you want to find a restaurant in your neighborhood or if you want to find the competition in your catchment area.

Upgrade to Spotzi Enterprise and start using our POI app. Choose your radius plus the POI category/name, and then the POI Maps App will search the points of interest and turn the results into a mapped out data layer in your visualization.





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The apps from our Premium plan offer extra functionalities for users that want to analyze their data. The apps in this plan are also very suitable for data integration with other systems.

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The apps from our Enterprise plan offer extra functionalities for users that want take the analysis of data to the next level. The apps in this plan are ideal for marketing purposes.

  • POI App

    Points of Interest Maps App

    Plot POI around your location. Find POI categories, like restaurants, ATMs etc. You name it. We have it

  • Trade Area App

    Trade Area App

    Discover the type of people that live close to your location. From age to their consuming styles

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