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About this data

Spotzi offers the disposable income Austria at 4-digit postal code level. Disposable income (or: per capita income) is also known as purchasing power. In other words how much money do I have to buy products. It also tells you what areas in Austria are more wealthy. With this data you are able to greatly improve strategic decisions. In conclusion the Disposable Income Austria highlights regions where high numbers of potential buyers live. By concentrating your marketing efforts on regions with an above-average per capita income, you can generate better results, increase efficiency, and conserve resources.

The Disposable Income Austria is part of our Spotzi Insights Dashboards. Above all our dashboards save you time and money. Firstly by uploading your customer base in our Spotzi Insights Dashboards we will instantly show you the average purchasing power of your customers. Secondly we show you look-alike audiences to target. Our Dashboards will instantly provide the necessary insights. Data analysts however can use Spotzi Studio. With Spotzi Studio you are able to perform more complex analytics and export the data or aggregated results.

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Spotzi teamed up with GfK to offer you the most accurate Disposable Income (in other words Purchasing Power) available in the market. GfK is a well-known research institute that can tap into their own sources and many private data sources. Each country has been carefully studied and analyzed. They built a large network of data partners over the years. They offer the most accurate and up-to-date data currently available. That in combination with our easy to use tools we can offer you the best insights available in the market.
The main data source for the Disposable Income Austria is the income per capita as reported by local tax departments. However other factors are considered in the case of countries for which this kind of information is only partially – or not at all – available. We then use data like age and household size, the number of people that have a job and property values. Some countries don't offer official population statistics at the level of postcodes. In this case we use other sources (like Nasa population data). We calculate the Disposable Income using mathematical formulas that have been refined over the course of many years.


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More details about this data

What is the meaning of Purchasing Power exactly?

Purchasing power refers to the amount of money an individual has at his or her disposal for a particular period. In other words it is the sum of the net incomes of a particular region.

Why is Purchasing Power relevant for my business?

The question we have is are you spending your marketing dollars wisely? For example when you offer a high-end priced product, we instantly show you the areas where to spend your marketing budget. In conclusion you will generate better results with the same money.

Does Spotzi offer the Purchasing Power at a worldwide level?

The Purchasing Power is readily available for 42 countries in Europe. In addition we can provide data of many other countries in the world. These requests are on demand.

What insights can you gain from this income data?

You can use Per capita income data by zip code for various purposes. Above all when used in combination with Spotzi Insights or Spotzi Studio this data is especially powerful for answering business analysis questions. For example:

  • What is the average disposable income of your existing Austrian customers?
  • What is the average per capita income in Vienna?
  • Which Austrian postal code area has the highest per capita income?
  • What is the average income per capita that lives in a certain zip code area?
  • What are high potential zip code areas for your products or services?
  • Are there any clusters of high purchasing power postal code areas?
  • How high is the disposable income in a certain postal code area compared to the national average?
  • How high is the income inequality in Austria?
  • Where do affluent consumers live?
  • What is the optimal location for a new business location?
  • What is the currency of the disposable income of Austria?

This data shows the overall per capita income composition in Austria by 4-digit postal code. The data is expressed in the national currency of Austria (Euros).

How to compare the per capita income per area in Austria?

To enhance comparison between different zip codes Spotzi also included per capita income indices. Spotzi calculates the national average disposable income of all people. This average is set to 100. Postal codes with more affluent people will have a higher purchasing power than the national average so the index will be higher than 100. For instance an index of 200 means the average disposable income in this zip code is twice as high as the national average.

Which 4-digit postal codes have the highest per capita income in Austria?

Austria is a quite high-ranked country when it comes to average income (International Monetary Fund, 2017). Within Austria the areas with the highest disposable income can be found in urban areas like Vienna or Graz. In Austria the following postal code areas have the highest income index.

  • 1010 - Vienna
  • 8036 - Graz
  • 6763 - Lech
  • 2372 - Gießhübl
  • 9082 - Maria Wörth

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