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About this data

Spotzi is able to anonymously track over 200,000 mobile apps in Austria, but also at a worldwide level. Based on this data the following insights can be provided:

  • Daily Traffic at a certain location
  • Path to Visit (where were people before and after they visited a certain location)
  • Other places people visit
  • Profile of the people that visit a certain location

All data is provided at an aggregated level so it cannot be traced back to a home address or device ID.

"Our dashboards allow you to immediately start analyzing out-of-home or store locations."

Mobile Location Dashboard

Mobile location data analysis? Use Spotzi Dashboards.

All our data is readily available in our dashboards. With this solution you save a lot of time and money. How? When you purchase this mobile location data with our dashboards the data is immediately available. Without complicated data management. This allows you to immediately start analyzing out-of-home or store locations.

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Mobile Location Analytics of Austria with Spotzi Dashboards

This mobile data of Austria is part of our Spotzi Studio Dashboards. With this solution you always have access to the latest mobile location data and our analytics tools allow you to create the best insights in just a few clicks. How? Firstly, you enter the store- or billboard locations you want to analyze. Secondly, our dashboards will profile the visitors of that specific location. It is just that simple.

Mobile Location Data Austria Dashboard

For what business purposes can I use this data?

Mobile location data is especially interesting for companies that want to visualize both online and offline data. These are particularly industries with physical locations. Some examples are:

  • Out-of-home companies who want more insight into who they can reach with their billboards.
  • The automotive industry that wants to reach the right people with an out-of-home campaign.
  • Retailers with physical shops who would like to have more insight into the consumer profile of their visitors.
  • Out-of-home companies that want more insight into the reach of their billboards.
  • Retailers who would like to map the catchment area of their store location.

Below you can find an example of our mobile location dashboard of Canada where we have profiled the visitors of a specific location in Toronto.

Mobile Location Data Austria Dashboard

Looking for a more advanced analytics solution?

Are you a data analyst who often has to report to a marketing or sales team? In that case, Spotzi Studio also offers the possibility to perform more complex data analytics and share your findings with easy to build dashboards. This allows you to focus as much as possible on data analytics and share your findings even more efficiently.


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Whether you are new to data analytics or already an expert. We offer solutions for everyone. You don’t need to be a data expert to work with Spotzi Location. For more tailor made solutions we offer Spotzi Studio. With this plan you cannot only manage the data yourself but also connect to our API and manage users for the dashboards you create. Or work with our Market Ready Dashboards and drive on autopilot.