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6-Digit Postal Codes

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6-Digit Postal Codes

6-Digit Postal Codes Canada

Optimize your audience targeting with Spotzi’s postal code level data. Our postal code dataset provides boundaries and insights for all of Canada's 6-digit postal codes, and allows you to export these boundaries for all your marketing needs.

Expand into new markets, target like-minded audiences, or broaden your understanding of existing customers—all without having to devote time to complex data management. We developed our postal code boundary database using each country’s address data, and provide access to these databases as a part of Spotzi Professional. Read more

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We developed our postal code boundary database using each country’s address data, and provide access to these databases as a part of Spotzi Professional.

"Our intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of postal code targeting."

Our intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of postal code targeting. Simply select the area(s) you’d like to target, and your postal codes will be ready for export. These postal codes can then be uploaded into Facebook or Google Ads when you’re ready to find your best-fit customer.

Canada postal code map. The key to more consumer insights.

Spotzi not only shows postal codes on the map, but offers a true targeting tool for you as a marketer or sales professional. With over thousands of characteristics at zip code level from reliable sources like Vividata, we can give you more insight into the areas that are of interest to you. Insights that allow you to build more targeted, more relevant and more effective (online) campaigns.

Search ZIP codes within a radius: Are you working on a local (online) campaign and do you want more insight into consumer behaviour? With Spotzi you pick one or more locations and set your radius. This allows you to search for postal code areas within a particular radius, but it also helps you to gain more insight into consumer behaviour. Learn more

Search postal codes within a certain travel distance: In addition to radius, you are also able search for postal codes within a certain travel time. Both foot traffic and car traffic. Still a large area to target? Segment your audience with other consumer characteristics like as spending behavior, demographics or income. Learn more

ZIP codes for online targeting: Combine the power of Spotzi with your online marketing tool. With Spotzi, you can build segments based on thousands of attributes and create zip code lists that you can use to target your audience through Google Ads / Facebook Ads. Learn more


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Stop using Excel sheets that offer no insights. Import your addresses or postal codes and turn them into market ready dashboards. No complex data management needed. Simply turn your company data into profitable insights.

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About Canada’s 6-Digit Postal Codes

Canada’s postal code data depicts boundaries across all of the country’s geographic regions. Though numbered postal zones were first used in Toronto in 1925, these modern postal codes—also known as postcodes—were gradually introduced in 1971–1974 to facilitate automatic sortation and efficient mail routing across the country.

Canada’s 6-Digit Postal Code Structure

Canada’s postal codes have a 6-digit structure, and consist of two 3-digit alphanumeric sections. The first section is known as the FSA (forward sortation area) and the second represents an LDU (local delivery unit). These digits represent the following:

  • Axx xxx: The first letter targets a specific postal district. Quebec and Ontario are targeted by multiple letters as they contain multiple postal districts—all other provinces and territories are targeted by a single letter (for example, V targets all of British Columbia.)
  • x1x xxx: The second digit communicates whether the targeted area is rural (0) or urban (1-9).
  • xxA xxx: The third digit targets an exact geographical region, such as a town or city.
  • xxx A1A: The second half of a Canadian postal code denotes a local delivery unit (LDU) which can contain either a single address or a range of addresses.

Current Postal Code Range in Canada

The current FSA postal code range in Canada is between A0 – Y1. The lowest postal codes (beginning with an A0A FSA) are located in Newfoundland and Labrador. The highest postal code area (postal codes beginning with Y1A) is situated in Yukon.

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