Spending Household Maintenance The Netherlands

This map represents spending data from the Netherlands on a 4-digit ZIP code level. This purchasing data provides more insight into the spending on household maintenance per year. This includes purchases of the following products:

  • Cleaning and maintenance products such as soaps, washing powders, brooms, tea towels, floor cloths, etc. Includes: polishes, creams and other shoe-cleaning articles.
  • Paper products such as filters, tablecloths, vacuum cleaner bags and cardboard tableware, including aluminum foil and plastic bin liners.
  • Household articles such like, screws, nuts, matches, candles, lamp wicks, clothes pegs, clothes hangers, pins, safety pins, sewing needles etc.
  • Domestic services supplied by paid staff employed in private service such as butlers, cooks, maids, drivers, gardeners, governesses, secretaries, tutors and au-pairs.
  • External services like baby-sitting and housework, Household services such as window cleaning, disinfecting, fumigation and pest extermination.
  • Dry-cleaning, laundering and dyeing of household linen, household textiles and carpets. – Hire of furniture, furnishings, carpets, household equipment and household linen.

The data on this map is divided by ZIP code 4 area and is calculated per total, per capita, per 1,000 persons and as an index. An index helps to compare consumer behavior between different areas. The countrywide average is seen as the base for the calculation (countrywide average = 100). If the inhabitants of one area spend more on accessories than the countrywide average, the index for this area will be higher than 100. An index of for example 200 for an area means that people in this area spend twice as much on accessories than the average person.

Besides data about the spending for household maintenance we also offer the spending for home appliances, households products (non-electrical) and power tools and gardening.


Year of coverage2017
FormatCSV, Shapefile, KML, GEOJSON, XML

Variables in this dataset

This data features the data that is needed to draw the postal code areas on the map. Besides this data we also offer the following other information:

  • Spending for household maintenance
    • Total, in million euros
    • Per mill in euros
    • Per inhabitant in euros
    • Index
  • Demographic data
    • number of inhabitants and number of inhabitants by gender
    • Age groups for total number of inhabitants and for inhabitants by gender
    • number of households
    • marital status of households
    • education

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