Spending Shoes Croatia

This map shows the spending on footwear in Croatia. The data in this set is developed by Spotzi and was last updated in 2019. Spotzi turned this data into a geographical set so it can be used for location analytics. The dataset contains 7 features of 556 areas.

The total purchasing power dataset reveals the spending behaviour of 17 product lines. Are you interested in multiple product lines or the complete database? Contact us for more information.

Dataset Structure & Features

This dataset contains the following characteristics:

FeatureValue (example)
NameGrad Zagreb
Spending on footwear (total)842002890.0
Spending on footwear (per capita)1052.8
Spending on footwear (index)136
GeometryPOLYGON((16.128431999695 45.96567000025,16.137633000281 45.965328999915,16…
Update date2018-11-21

Analyze consumer spending behaviour with the Spotzi Mapbuilder

Many of our users choose to import this dataset in the Spotzi Mapbuilder. This cloud-based location intelligence tool offers you the possibility to create insightful maps and perform the best location analytics. When you order this dataset with our Mapbuilder package you will receive the following benefits:

  • Spending Shoes Croatia
    The possiblity to enrich your customer database with consumer spending data.
  • Spending Shoes Croatia
    Advanced map styling options.
  • Spending Shoes Croatia
    Upload a list with business locations and visualize every address on the map.
  • Spending Shoes Croatia
    Add extra data (e.g. demographics) to gain more insights from your data.
  • Spending Shoes Croatia
    Analyze the spending behaviour around your location.
  • Spending Shoes Croatia
    Export data based on your filters.

When ordering this dataset in combination with a subscription on Spotzi Premium you will receive 12-month access to these functionalities. During this period you will also receive regular updates of your data. After 12 months, your subscription will automatically be extended.

Ready-to-use location analytics packages with marketing data and tools

Are you looking for a ready-to-use solution where all data and tools are included? Use our Insights-package. This package contains a wide range of consumer data of Croatia. It contains demographics, disposable income, consumer spending (of 17 product categories) and Consumer Styles. In addition, this package also contains all kinds of functionalities like the Join App, but also the Graph App. All in one package. Start your location analytics now and take a look at our package pricing.

Order this dataset separately for Excel or other location intelligence tools

Do you prefer to use this data in Excel, a CRM or BI tools? You are also able to export this data to CSV or as a geographical file (.geojson, .shp and .kml) that is compatible with software like Esri ARCGIS, Carto, Mapbox, Tableau, Qlik, Mapinfo and QGIS.


Spending Shoes Croatia


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≈ $ 950

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Last update2019
Year of coverage2018
Update intervalAnnually
Number of features7
Geographical levelMunicipality
Looking for another geographical level? Contact us!
Number of records556
Available formatsCSV, Shapefile, KML, GEOJSON, XML
Web service?Yes
Compatible withSpotzi Mapbuilder, Esri ARCGIS, Carto, Mapbox, Tableau, Qlik, Mapinfo, QGIS, Excel, CRM integratie

Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I download this data as an Excel or a geodata file?

    Yes! You have unlimited access to this data that you can export at all time. During your subscription you will automatically receive regular data updates.
  • Which currency is used in this dataset?

    The statistics in this dataset are calculated in the national currency of that particular country. To be sure we added an extra currency column to every dataset.
  • How do I end my yearly subscription to this data?

    After the first year you can notify us if you want to end your subscription. The data will always be available as a download in your Mapbuilder account, however you will not receive data updates anymore and the premium functionalities will be disabled.
  • I cancelled my data subscription. Do I still have the rights to use this data?

    Yes! You receive unlimited usage rights.
  • How can I enrich my customer data with Spotzi?

    When purchasing a dataset with a yearly subscription on Spotzi Premium you have access to the Join App. This app allows you to easily join multiple datasets together. The only thing you need is an Excel- or CSV file that is segmented on the same geographical level.
  • I want to embed this map on my website. Is this possible?

    In the Mapbuilder we offer you the possibility to create map shares. With this feature you will receive the HTML code that you can copy onto your web page. Do you want to create a map for a select group of people? Create a map share with login functionality.
  • Is this data also available as a web service?

    Yes! When you purchased one of our datasets with a yearly subscription to Spotzi Premium, you have access to the functionalities to the Spotzi Webservice.

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