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4-Digit Postal Codes

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Do you want to segment and visualize your data on postal code level? It is possible with this 4-digit postal code map of Denmark and our dashboarding solutions. Whether you want to visualize the number of customers on postal code level or assign sales areas. With Spotzi, you have access to easy-to-use tools and dashboards to create insightful data visualizations.

These postal code boundaries are developed by Spotzi based on the address data of that particular country and are part of Spotzi Location.

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About postal codes in Denmark

This map depicts the boundaries of all 4-digit postal code areas in Denmark. The Danish postal code system is developed by the Danish national postal service (Post Danmark) to divide Denmark into different areas. With this system each Danish region gets a unique code and locations can be found easily.

Postal codes in Denmark are known as postnumre. The postal codes are implemented in 1967 and were based on the boundaries of towns and municipalities at that time.

Postal code structure of Denmark

The 4-digit postal codes are part of the official 4-digit postal code that contain of the following characters and features:

  • The first digit represent a specific delivery office
  • The second digit represent the Danish routing district
  • The last two digits identify the routing zone

Current postal code range of Denmark

The current postal code (postnumre) range of Denmark (DK) is: 1000 – 9990. The lowest 4-digit postal code (1000) starts in Copenhagen and the highest postal code (9990) is located in Skagen. This is the most northern part of Denmark.

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