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About this data

With the Addresses dataset of Luxembourg you create new address-level insights. It is the perfect set to enrich and/or verify your address data. The Addresses Luxembourg dataset enables you to get in touch with (future) customers at the deepest level. This Luxembourgish addresses database is part of our dashboards. This allows you to visualize and analyze your customers on the map, but it makes it also possible to realize targeted marketing campaigns at address level.

Addresses Luxembourg - Variables

This database with Luxembourgish addresses contains the following information:

  • Street + Housenumber
  • 4-digit postal code
  • City name
  • Geographic location
    • Latitude (Y)
    • Longitude (X)

"Realize targeted marketing campaigns at address level."

Find (future) customers with our address level data

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Unlock the full potential of this address data

The address level data of Luxembourg is part of our Spotzi Insights Dashboards. Above all our dashboards save you time and money. By uploading your customer base in our Spotzi Insights Dashboards we will instantly visualize and analyze your customer' addresses. Our dashboards help you to verify addresses, but also to geocode them and plot addresses on the map.

"Above all our dashboards save you time and money."

Data analysts however can also use Spotzi Studio. With Spotzi Studio you are able to perform more complex analytics and export the data or aggregated results.

Addresses Luxembourg Dashboard


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Stop using Excel sheets that offer no insights. Import your addresses or postal codes and turn them into market ready dashboards. No complex data management needed. Simply turn your company data into profitable insights.

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More details about this data

What is an address?

An address provides more information about the physical location of a person or organisation. Addresses in Luxembourg have a fixed structure. This structure consists of a number of variables and is structured as follows.

Address Structure Luxembourg

  • Street name + House number (and house number addition) or P.O. Box number
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Municipality
  • Country
Adresses Luxembourg

Address Luxembourg Example

In order to get a better understanding of an address in Luxembourg we have here an example of the University of Luxembourg.

University of Luxembourg
2 Avenue de l'Universite
4365 Esch-sur-Alzette

Map customers geographically

With the locations of all addresses you can plot your customers on the map and immediately start with a geographical segmentation of your customer data. We call this process the geocoding of addresses. Our dashboards turn the data into clear maps on which you can immediately perform all kinds of analyses.

Addresses Luxembourg Dashboard

What are the possibilities of the address map of Luxembourg?

By mapping addresses you create an overview of all addresses in Luxembourg. This helicopter-view helps you to quickly gain new insights and find answers to the following questions:

  • Map the number of addresses per postcode.
  • Link customer addresses to the map (geocoding).
  • Find a postal code by address.
  • Create an overview of the number of homes per province. For example, consider mapping the number of addresses in Dudelange.
  • Verify customers' addresses.
  • By mapping your customers you can perform a location analysis for the opening of a new store location.

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