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Consumer Spending

About this data

The dataset reveals the consumer spending on numerous food- and non-food goods and services. Consumer spending is the total money spent on certain goods and services by individuals and households for personal use. It is the perfect dataset if you want to target an audience that matches a certain product.

"It is the perfect dataset if you want to target an audience that matches a certain product."

The data is available in the total amount that is being spent per municipality or Postal Code. Next to this we also calculated the average expenditure per inhabitant. To compare different regions the data is also available as an index. The Consumer Spending is divided into the following goods and services:

No Goods and Services
1 Food
2 Alcohol-free beverages
3 Alcoholic beverages
4 Tobacco Products
5 Health and Hygiene Products
6 Clothing
7 Shoes and leather goods
8 Furnishing
9 Household products, glass and porcelain
10 Electrical household appliances
11 Consumer electronics and electronic media
12 ICT, Photography
13 Watches and Jewelry
14 Books, stationery
15 Sporting goods, hobbies and recreation
16 Home Improvement Items

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Available countries

Below you will find an overview of the countries where our Disposable Income Data is available. The data can be added to our dashboards at Postal Code level or Admin Level. Admin level is in most cases a municipality.

Country Level
Austria municipalities, postcode 4
Belgium municipalities, postcode 4
Bulgaria municipalities
Croatia municipalities, postcode 5
Cyprus municipalities
Czech Republic municipalities, postcode 5
Denmark municipalities, postcode 4
Finland municipalities, postcode 5
France municipalities, postcode 5
Germany municipalities, postcode 5
Greece municipalities
Hungary municipalities, postcode 4
Iceland municipalities, postcode 3
Ireland municipalities, postcode 3
Italy municipalities, postcode 5
Latvia counties
Lithuania municipalities
Luxembourg municipalities, postcode 4
Netherlands municipalities, postcode 4
Norway municipalities, postcode 4
Poland sub municipalities, postcode 5
Portugal municipalities, postcode 4
Romania municipalities
Slovakia municipalities, postcode 5
Slovenia municipalities, postcode 4
Spain municipalities, postcode 5
Sweden municipalities, postcode 5
Switzerland municipalities, postcode 4
Turkey districts, postcode 5
United Kingdom districts, postcode sectors


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