3-digit postal code USA 2016

Postal codes in the United States of America are known as ZIP-codes. ZIP-codes are used to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently throughout the country and large cities like New York. A USPS postal code identifies an individual post office or metropolitan area delivery station associated with mailing addresses. However not everywhere in the US is assigned a postal code. Some regions, especially remote and rural areas have too little deliverable addresses to create a mail route.

USPS ZIP-codes are not actually spatial features. The United States Census Bureau developed the so called ZIP code tabulation areas (ZCTAs). They are a spatial representation of the US ZIP-codes and are often used to depict statistical data about regions. This map depicts the boundaries of all 3-digit ZIP-code tabulation areas in the US.


This map depicts the 3-digit zip-code tabulation areas. They are part of the official 5-digit zip-code tabulation area system, which contains of the following characters and features:

  • 1xxxx : The first digit represents a particular part in the USA. Number 1 features the states of Delaware (DE), New York (NY) and Pennsylvania (PA)
  • 115xx: The second and third digit feature a specific Sectional Center Facility (SCF). The number 115 features Western Nassau
  • 11560: The fourth and fifth digit represent a specific area, city or village


The current 3-digit postal code (postal codes) range of the United States (US) is: 006xx – 999xx. The lowest postal code area is 006xx, which is located in San Juan in Puerto Rico. The highest postal code area is 999xx, which lies in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough in Alaska.


SourceUS Census Bureau.
Year of coverage2016
FormatCSV, Shapefile, KML, GEOJSON, XML

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  • 3-digit Postal code

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