5-digit postal code Finland

This map depicts the boundaries of all 5-digit postal code areas in Finland. This Finnish postal code system is developed by the Finnish national postal service (Posti Group) to divide Finland in different areas. With this system each Finnish region gets a unique code and locations can be found easily. Postal codes in Finland are known as postinumero.


This map depicts the boundaries of 5-digit postal code areas in Finland. These 5-digit postal codes contain the following digits and features:

  • The first two digits represent a specific municipality or group of municipal small communities
  • The second two digits represent a district or a village
  • The last number is usually a zero when this features is a street. If the last number is a one, this is usually a post office box.


The current postal code (postinumero) range of Finland (FI) is: 00100 – 99990. The lowest 5-digit postal code (00100) starts in Helsinki and the highest postal code (99990) is located in Pulmankijärvi.


SourceFinland Postal Service (Posti)
Year of coverage2015
FormatCSV, Shapefile, KML, GEOJSON, XML

Variables in this dataset

When you purchase this dataset, you will receive data that draws all postal code areas on the map. Furthermore, you also get the following other features:

  • 5-digit postal code
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