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4-Digit Postal Codes

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Do you want to segment and visualize your data on postal code level? It is possible with this 4-digit postal code map of the Netherlands and our dashboarding solutions. Whether you want to visualize the number of customers on postal code level or assign sales areas. With Spotzi, you have access to easy-to-use tools and dashboards to create insightful data visualizations.

These postal code boundaries are developed by Spotzi based on the address data of that particular country and are part of Spotzi Location.

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About postal codes in the Netherlands

This map depicts the boundaries of every 4-digit postal code in the Netherlands. The current postal code structure of Dutch postal codes is developed by the Dutch postal service (PostNL). A postal code structure that is based on address information is provided by the municipalities.

Postal codes are usually assigned to geographic areas. In some countries large firms or institutions that receive large volumes of mail receive their own postal code. Postal codes, also known as postcodes, are used to efficiently route mail to its destination. They can however also be used to look up destinations that are close to a particular postcode such as the closest supermarket or school.

Postal code structure in the Netherlands

The postal codes in the Netherlands have a 6-digit structure and consist of 4 numbers and 2 letters, where the first two digits correspond about the region and the second two digits represent a neighbourhood of a city or a village. The 2 letters indicate the street or a part of a street.

Current postal code range in the Netherlands

The current postal code range of the Netherlands is: 1011 – 9999.

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